From: Michael Cheney

Date: Thursday 4th June 2015

Location: Scotland, United Kingdom

Dear Friend, It was late one October night and I was hunched over the computer in my home office surrounded by crunched up balls of paper discarded around the floor...

I Was Frustrated, Jealous And Angry At The People
Making Easy Money From Facebook And I Thought I'd
Tried Everything To Get It To Work...

I knew that all the people I was seeing on Facebook promoting the same things day after day, week after week making good profits - so what was I missing and what did they know that I didn't?

So I locked away for a year and half and devoured every piece of Facebook marketing knowledge know to man - blog posts, training programs, seminars, CDs, reports, videos, members' area - you name it.

I was living, breathing and eating Facebook marketing with every waking hour of my life...

I Knew There Had To Be A Way To Legally "Game"
The Facebook System And Make Money Quickly...

A way to generate substantial income without giving into Facebook's blackmail attempts to get you to pay money and advertise.

After all, Facebook were just trying to force me to spend money advertising with them so they could keep their investors happy! They could have cared less about me and my business!


The very moment you get on Facebook the first thing they try and get you to do is to dip into your wallet and give them money for ads!

Screw that!

"There has to be a better way", I thought.

Well, for the longest time it looked like all the naysayers were right - I hit stumbling block after stumbling block and had conducted 1016 separate tests to try and crack the Facebook nut until finally...

After 18 Months Holed Up In My Facebook Learning Cave I Emerged Exhausted But Victorious...

ideaThe pieces finally fell into place...

And like all great discoveries mine was simple a one.

So simple in fact that at first, I thought I must have missed something.

Everything fused together in my mind in true Eureka! style moment and it HIT me there and then;

I Conducted The Weird "Facebook Money" Experiment
And Here Are The Results...

Version 1

bullet 616 ENGAGEMENTS

bullet $21,440 IN SALES



Version 2


like  $175,210 IN SALES



As you can see - in Version 1 I got 616 Engagements and $21,440 in Sales.

Not bad.

In Version 2 (with the same-sized audience) I got 1051 Engagements and then something truly shocking happened...

$175,120 Flooded Into My Bank Account
from Facebook...

Now that's what you call a RESULT. 😉

So here's what I did in Version 2...

  • I used "the Fan Page Money Method" to tweak my fan page (I show you how to do it inside the Report)
  • I reached masses more people
  • I got the money - $175,120 to be exact.

But what surprises me most about all this is that...

Nobody Else Is Teaching You This Stuff...


Very few people have been heard of this Fan Page Money Method.

Only a small and elite group of people have learned this secret.

I know it.

My clients know it.

And a few other cutting-edge Facebook "Jedis" out there also know it.

And today you can add your name to that list because...

YES! You're Finally Going To Make Money With Facebook
Because With The Fan Page Money Method 2015
You Are Going To Discover;

  • How To Avoid The Deadly "Frankenstein Factor "That Kills 99.9% Of  Facebook Marketers
  • How To Laser-Target The Rich And Wealthy Buyers On Facebook With Pinpoint  Accuracy
  • How To Tap Into "The Hidden Goldmine" Of Easy Facebook Profits Using A  Secret Facebook Tool
  • The Little-Known Tactic That Will Make You 212% More Sales
  • The Weird Little Profit-Hack That Gets You Lots More Buyers Every Time
  •  How To Unleash A "Money-Cloning Machine" That Duplicates Your Profits Without Duplicating Your Effort
  • The Secret Free Software The Pros Use To Crush It With Facebook
  • The Fool-Proof Formula For Creating Fast-Cash Facebook Funnels
  • How To Make Money On Demand Using Special Automation Tools
  • How To Beat The Facebook Reach System And Get Your Messages In Front Of All Your Fans, All The Time
  • The Secret To Getting 40% Optin Rates And HIGHER Directly On Facebook
  • How To Attract Wealthy Fans To Your Fanpage Using This Little-Known Secret Of The Pros
  • The Closely-Guarded Secret The "Facebook Mafia" Use To Get Hundreds Of Leads A Day From Facebook
  • How To Get Lots More Reach, Likes And Sales WITHOUT Breaking The Bank (You Never Need To Pay For Another Like Again)
  • My Patented And Proven "Posting For Profits" Blueprint That Gets You More Money From Every Post You Make
  • How To Get More Money, More Likes, More Fans And More Sales From Facebook
  • And LOTS, lots more...

Once You Unlock The Secret To Making Money
With Facebook Everything Becomes Possible...

Once I discovered the easy way to make money from Facebook I could finally start enjoying multiple vacations per year and spend more time with my family - the whole reason I started my business in the first place!

Yes! Unlocking The Fan Page Money Method 2015
Means You Are Now Finally...

  • Making Money With Facebook And Being Richly-Rewarded For Making Simple Posts
  • Experiencing Instant And Large-Scale Profits From Simple Marketing Campaigns That Take Minimal Effort
  • Smiling All The Way To The Bank As Your Facebook Posts Are Getting You Likes AND Money
  • Laughing At Your Competitors As You Finally Crack The "Facebook Code" And Are Making Consistent Meaty Pay Days Time After Time
  • Growing Your Sales Quickly And Easily As You See The Compounding Effect Of Profitable Posts Stacked One On Top Of Another

If The Fan Page Money Method Is So Powerful
Why Am I Revealing It To You Inside This
Breakthrough Report?

There are two reasons:-

Reason #1

Because you need to realize that the Facebook marketing arena is supremely vast. Billions are being made every year and we're not even properly started yet. You can do exactly what I do and start helping yourself to a generously-sized piece of this "multi-billion dollar cake" and it won't even make the tiniest dent in the available cash or my profits.

Reason #2

Because you might have noticed by now that I love helping people. It's how I got to where I am. And once you have a few million kicking around money takes somewhat of a backseat and seeing the success stories of people you've helped gives you an even bigger buzz. Just trust me on this - I am WITH YOU on this journey and want nothing more than to get that email from you saying you've bought that house in the sun, you've paid off your mortgage or you've just finished saving for your kids' college fund because of finally discovering how to make money on Facebook.

3 Powerful Reasons That Make "The Fan Page Money Method" Different To Everything Else...

  • It works (always important!). Feel free to get your money back if you are the first person on the planet this doesn't work for
  • It's based on a battle-tested, proven strategy learned through trial and error on the Facebook battlefield. Not some regurgitated crap spouted by some wannabe who hasn't spent two cents on Facebook (never mind $200,000).
  • It's fast. You can be up and running with this TODAY and get money and sales coming in within the next 24 hours. Seriously. You're getting the copy-and-paste code to get started with this and it just takes 7 minutes to set up!

PROOF That You Will Make More Money
With This Method...

"I Made $1600 In One Weekend
Thanks To The Powerful Strategies I Learned"

Adreas Spyrou

Hey Michael!

This is Andreas Spyrou from Cyprus, I just wanted to tell you a BIG THANK YOU!!!

Yesterday I was in the Social Media Business Seminar in Cyprus and we had a traffic challenge. The person who would send the most traffic to an affiliate product could win $1600. Between 50 individuals that attended the internet seminar, guess who DOMINATED it? 🙂

It was using different methods but also Facebook to send traffic to different affiliate websites and Facebook pages in the past doing OK. I didn't know though how much traffic could the other individuals in seminar send, so I should do anything possible to finish first.

Well thanks to the Fan Page Money Method powerful strategies I learned, I've successfully managed to WIN THE COMPETITION! It was amazing feeling! In the end of the event I had suddenly 20 people congratulating me and asking me how I did that! Thanks again.

"Rare Opportunity
To Make Money Easy And Fast"

Michael Cheney has done it again.

The fan page money method employs the latest strategies and ideas to make you lots of money.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to make money with FB fan pages easy and fast.

Joel Helfer
Chicago, Usa

"I Was A Newbie - Now Making Money Like A Pro.
Love It!"

Mike Armstrong
Oklahoma, Usa

Hi Michael, as a newbie to internet marketing I am so excited about Fan Page Money Method.

This program is so easy and profitable.

Before Fan Page Money Method I had only made a few dollars with internet marketing, but after I started using Fan Page Money Method and the money I'm making, I feel like an old pro.

Two thumbs up on your new program.

Thank you. Love It!!!

"Worth The Price Just To Learn The Hidden Gems -
It Will Help All Business Owners"

The fan page money method has lots of helpful information on how to successfully create an engaging & money making fan page for your business or product on Facebook, the programme also holds your hand through the setting up of every other possible marketing tool you will need to turn your browsing customers into paying clients.

Michael even shares with you the exact programme & software he uses within his business, with easy to follow links so you can add the same weapons of choice to your business arsenal.

The lessons that Michael will teach you with the fan page money method, it's worth the price just to learn about the hidden gems, that you would probably never find or work out how to use to your business best advantage.

I strongly believe that any training course that I purchase is worth the price paid if I can learn & take away from it one piece of information that will help put mine or my clients businesses one step ahead of the competition, the fan page money programme does this over & over again throughout the different sections, I personally think this programme will help all business or product owners from newbie just setting up to seasoned pros, everyone will get something from this training.

If you don't buy it & put the knowledge learnt into action within your business I 'm sure your competitors will!!!

Can your business afford you to take that risk?

James Ford
Darlington, Uk

"Absolutely Phenomenal. Blows Other Guides
Out Of The Water!"

Paul Langham
Brussels, Belgium

I've known Michael actually since 2004 when he launched the now famous method of displaying your Adsense ads. And with this product I actually managed to increase my ROI by about 300%.

Since then, I've actually been watching Michael slowly build himself up to probably one of the best internet marketers on the planet and he's now launched a Facebook product called the Fanpage Money Method.

In typical Michael Cheney style, there are actually 3 steps to the method but the detail in each of those steps is absolutely phenomenal. I have actually studied some of the other fanpage guides which are on the market and this simply blows them out of the water.

The detail is there...has very well structured documents and if you are interested in fanpages and how they work and increasing the number of people which you can get to look at your own content on Facebook or onto your own website... then please do take a look at this product - I highly recommend it.

Thanks very much Michael Cheney and Good luck!

"Remarkable Training!
Will Help Market Our Feature Film"

As an independent film maker, that has Produced and Directed the feature film, Witch of the Fall I used to think making films was the hard part... I have come to realize that unless the film has a multi-million dollar marketing budget, making the film is the easy part.

It's internet marketing the film that is the hard part!

Thankfully Michael Cheney is out there doing his part helping marketers in all sorts of business get the marketing job done. We are incorporating his Facebook Fan Page Money Method into our soon to be re-released and updated website! Before Michael taught us this method there was no Facebook fan page plan!

Thank You for the remarkable training!

Kevin Herrington
Toronto, Ontario

"Killer New Step-By-Step Methods - The Best Training
I've Seen To Make Money On Facebook"

Nigel Jeal
Lancaster, Uk

The Fan Page Money Method really opened my eyes to building my Facebook funnel, creating killer ads on Facebook and re-targeting a custom audience.

This step-by-step training has taught me some killer new methods that will change the course of my future. It truly is the BEST training I've seen to make money on Facebook. I strongly recommend that if you're still sat on the fence about this, it may actually be the last training that you have to get in order for you to become successful and get the results you want.

Plus you can grab this at an amazingly low price.

"Immediate Impact.
More Clicks, More Subscribers, More Results"

I purchased (yes, paid for) Michael Cheney's course on Facebook Marketing and saw an immediate impact on the number of clicks I received on my Facebook ads.

This is because I applied Mike's suggestions on how to create an ad that gets results, as well as "copying" his templates and "winners" from his own extensive testing...and it worked. I had more clicks on my ads and more subscribers sign up to my list.

The course saved me a ton of time and testing as it showed me step by step what to do and where to focus my attention so I could get faster, and more focused results.

Harry Harris
Sligo, Ireland

"He Rocks It!
Gives You His Own Examples To Follow"

Gordon Bryan

As the writer of "FB Passion Profits", I was curious to see how Michael would cover using Facebook Fan Pages.

I've read the report, and he rocks it!

Michael's "Fan Page Money Method" goes into the technical details, and basically gives you his own examples to follow.

I think it's a great way to compliment what I cover about using your passions, and it's well worth a read.

"If You Want To Put Money In Your Bank Account
You Must Buy This"

If you want to know where to look for the money on Facebook (and put it in your bank account) then you MUST buy Michael Cheney's Fan Page Money Method.

You'll not get information this good at this unbelievably low price Anywhere else.

Michael Cheney has over delivered again!

Michael Williams
Peterborough, Uk

"Leads You To Where The Money Is
Step By Step"

John Petroccia
Orlando, Fl

Want to find out where the money is on Facebook. Well this method will lead you there and find out how to get it.

You will learn to create and activate your marketing funnel to the next level. Step by step help to get you there. Michael Cheney has made millions online since 1996.

Whatever level you are at he will get you to where you want to be. So check this money making method out.

The Fan Page Money Method. Take action now, don't get left behind.

"The BEST Way To Start
Making Money On Facebook"

This covers what Michael states is 'the BEST way to start making money on Facebook' and after reading through it few times, I have to agree.

Michael shows you exactly how you can leverage Facebook to find people with money burning holes in their pockets that you can help them spend, we're talking taking the guess work out of who has the cash to spend, meaning all you have to do is give them something to buy!

It doesn't stop there though, how cool would it be to be able to target people JUST LIKE the ones you KNOW have disposable spending money? Well once you have a bit of an audience set up you will then learn exactly how to multiply your customer base with almost no effort on your part at all.

Alex Copeland
Cheltenham, Uk

Easy To Follow, Has Helped Me So Much"

Jane Oliver
South Shields, Uk

I am classed as a newbie, and this product is awesome!

The helpful information in the report is the best I've come across and so easy to follow and implement.

I will be recommending to my followers. And with the bonus videos in the members area are so easy to follow too.

This is really great product and has helped me so much in my business.

Thank you Michael.